I Don’t Get It

Hi All! :D



many of the arabic bloggers

post like

T. H. I. S.


Tell me what you think!!! Plz


Take care!!!!

Note: I’ve spared you the multiple font sizes and colors so it’s easier on the eyes.


39 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It

  1. A case of trying to be too much creative perhaps?

    On a different subject, I have a couple of questions for you:
    1) are you updating your ip manually with dyndns? or do they have a software you can install on your machine that can do that automatically?

    2) Speaking of your machine, what are you hosting this page on? (OS?, httpd?)

  2. Hitman1, my IP is static, but even if I needed to update it, there is software that will do it for you.

    If you go to my About page, you’ll see that it’s hosted on a Laptop running Ubuntu server which comes with Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP).

  3. Very geeky cool :)
    I see you’ve also designed the page not to have pictures to reduce demand on the bandwidth you’re getting from fast telco. By the way, your about says you’re hosting on a P3 Toshiba laptop, yet the picture has a laptop with Apple’s mark on top of it. Do you like Apple so much you’ve stuck that on the poor old toshiba?

  4. Very.Q8ya, like the WHOLE post. Centered. One or two words a line. Just browse any arabic blog and you’ll see.

    Hitman1, if I had an Ubuntu sticker, I would’ve stuck it, but all I have are Apple’s :P

  5. Reasons thought by your truly:
    1. Cause they are bored
    2. Cause they have no formal training
    3. Cause I used to be one
    4. Cause they are bored
    5. Cause mako sho’3el
    6. Cause because

  6. looooool

    They’re the offsprings n followers
    of the
    E.E.CUMMINGS revolution!
    To omit the
    Punctuation & typographical
    To fulfill the American Dream!

  7. Seriously didn’t you ever notice a lot of Arabs like E.E.Cummings? He gave them a reason to never use their brains or a comma. They call it art and linguists will soon tear their hairs out.

    I’m high.

  8. 3baid y3nee you read line by line.
    every line no more than 5 words so it doesnt get boring :P

    I know out of khibra because i somehow use this method bas 3ala aqal shway

    my paragraphs are no more than 4 lines taqreban, If you have noticed y3nee ;P

  9. it’s so annoying and it doesn’t make any sense to me!

    another thing i’ve noticed is that the font size is tiny sometimes. i have to click on ctrl twice to be able to read it!

  10. hmmm.. to make the words clearer and not bunched up? lol

    i don’t mind.. i think min kithir el students notebooks and various hand-writing and their use of fisfoori pens lol i really can’t tell the difference any way, elmohim i see the text :p

  11. since when did we hear of rules on how to type our entries! its up to the bloggers taste.. if the person bloggin was happy this way KEFA.. all u do is simple.. move to another page! EZ

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