I just finished moving everything from Blogger and my old WordPress server to Update your blogrolls everyone!

Update: Tags, categories and images are done!


31 thoughts on “Moved

  1. I am so confused. Why?

    (1) I chance upon your “oldest” blog via Kinano’s.

    (2) I see a post telling all and sundry that you’ve moved to WordPress.

    (3) I go to the “new” blog; only to find out that you’ve merged your blogs into one.

    (4) I come to your “latest” blog…

    (5) …amidst a state of confusion.

    Why’d you shift so much?! :|

  2. Hitman, the server is dying. It already failed a few times this week and I don’t want to wait for it to completely break before backing up and moving my data.

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