Ashley Tisdale

A new music artist, Ashley Tisdale has taken her spot on Youtube‘s most-viewed videos as of late with her release, He Said She Said. Having watched her video, I can’t help but think she’s like a blend between Christina Aguilera, Stacie Orrico and Lilly Allen (watch her other song, Not Like That). She also blogs occasionally, reads comments and replies to her fans by video. Looks to me like she’s off to a good start, and if she’s going to be following Hillary Duff‘s footsteps, she’ll be popular amongst the teens in no time.


8 thoughts on “Ashley Tisdale

  1. Same choreography, same dance moves, same voice and same lyrics- all these newbies have. Cliche. I’d rather let my teenage kids listen to Tine Turner than this. But there’s always Usher & Timbaland. The boy is cute though.

  2. You are aware that you just posted on Tisdale, right? :p lol

    I haven’t watched the video, but judging by Missy’s comment, I think it’s wise if I don’t.

  3. Is there something I need to know? XD
    I’m just saying, she’s getting popular quickly on the web and from what I’ve been hearing, young singers the likes of Jojo are popping up everywhere! :O

  4. yeah she’s that kid from high school musical she’s famous becoz of it.. and she does some disney shows but come on people, she has a nice voice, so does vanessa hudgens.

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