Sonic the Hedgehog in Brawl!

Our beloved blue hedgehog is making his appearance on one of Nintendo’s best fighting games ever, Super Smash Bros! I didn’t believe it myself until I saw it on the official website this afternoon. This is a dream come true for Sonic fans like myself. Thank you Nintendo, Sega, and Team Sonic for listening to your audience! :)


21 thoughts on “Sonic the Hedgehog in Brawl!

  1. Sorry to sound like a real girl here but I thought Sonic was on the sega system. I used to play it obsessively on my game gear and recall the seeegaaa song at the begining.
    Do these companies actually cooperate now??? That’s got to be a first, almost as mad as being able to have Windows and OSx running on a mac all at once- I love my OSx personally but her, whatever floats your boat.
    My god that turned into a random comment!
    Blue spikey hair all the way!!! (You’ll be seeing it on the cool kids in Marina Mall next!!!
    He he he he

  2. Yup, it’s been a while since it’s out 3baid. I almost bought the DS game yesterday ;) But you know what? The pictures on the back cover didn’t look like its speedy fun. I decided to wait and read reviews first on it before I buy it.

  3. Noufa, I take it you don’t play videogames :P

    Pinky, you’re right, but times have changed. Sega now makes videogames for all sorts of systems. :)

    Ms. D, those things still exist :P

    vixenfatale, Sonic had many appearances, not just on GameGear. There was even a cartoon about him.

    Sushi, I’m talking about Smash not the Sonic game! XD

  4. O smash brothers!!!! Ick me bad hehe… E my nephews are obssessed with this game! wayid 5ab9a, oversized characters o jumping up and down hehe…

  5. shoush…
    the pink friend was called knuckels madre nickles.. and the black one was shadow i think he was sonics alter ego.. eemm there was a silver one too.. lool.. and the yellow sonic ;p the fast one ;p…

    lool.. remember 9oot el7araka elly he charges up his speed to run or push forward or to go up a hill?

    *taking a stroll down memory lane*

  6. Shoot me in the head if you like, but it’s Snake that I don’t feel like seeing in Smash bros. All others are type of cartoony characters and fun to have, but MGS is kind of action/adventure serious game I don’t feel like seeing him in Smash bro. Even though I have not played any MGS game before (yeah such people exist these days)

    I’ll have to say though, the images amuse me. Seems like total revamp of the game cam views.

    Tell you what might be coming later, it’s too funny lame freelance police characters called Sam & Max. Google them or see them on youtube. They are funny characters for adventure point and click games, and Nintendo have shown their interest in adopting the game to Nintendi. Ofcourse this is only the beginning of importing them to Smash Bro, and I have to say, they fit in.

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