Happy Clean Eid

Lamp post

Like the foam phenomenon on national and liberation days, I noticed another trend amongst some Kuwaitis during the night before Eid: car washing. (This is not to be confused with car cleaning).

On my way back home, all I could see were puddles of water spewing from every other house while drivers and/or housemaids frantically sprayed and wiped car surfaces.

This got me thinking, “If everyone takes a shower, wears new clothes, gets in their washed car, on the same day street-cleaners are particularly roaming around, wouldn’t it technically make it Eid Al-Na’6afa (The Eid of Cleanliness)?”

Anyway, as with every year, I’m not going to go around all +100 blogs so I’ll say it here:

“3eedkom Imbarak!” :)


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