Cinescape at the Avenues

At first glance, Cinescape has done a wonderful architectural and interior-design job with their eleven cinema theaters at the Avenues Mall. (Check out New Bride’s video of the cinema’s lobby while it was still being built).

It’s spacious, covered entirely in black from marble flooring up to painted ceilings, contains several large display screens that alternate between the latest movie posters and current showtimes, a large snack bar that promises short queues, and it’s all lit with subtle turquoise and purple opaque pillars ––a color scheme which oddly resemble that of Zain’s logo.



24 thoughts on “Cinescape at the Avenues



    They should seriously start rating movies and CENSOR ADMISSIONS not only rate them! Waht’s the use if they rate the movie and inside you find kids plastered to the screen? Yallah at least there’s somewhere new to go, although the Avenues is too far and lots of creeps there… parents dont let me stay there late unless i can catch the early shows hehehe

  2. okay i gotta admit for the first time in kuwait i like what i see .. bs for just a little while @@ i mean it looked good from the outside , lobby was really nice … BUT some screens were really small .. I guess they wanted to take advantages of the space and build so many showrooms yet they made a very small tiny ones .. didnt like it at all ..

  3. Thanks 3baid for bringing my hopes down once again. It’s better than giving it another silly shot and regret it.

    Nothing like home theatre. I kept hesitating for a year or so until I spent my largest luxury ever. After a while I knew, it was damn worth it. Now my kid enjoys large screen all day, we get to watch original movies with theatre feeling, AND… I get to play PS3 on HDMI with surround system :)

  4. I can’t wait to see that mall, last i was there, they were working on it.. I know how you feel missy :(

    Yeah that censorship sucks really, I mean, not that it does something.. plus movies have got to be rated some kids enter inappropriate films.

  5. Navy Girl, the screen wasn’t small, it was the seats that were too few.

    Bashar, maybe you could post about HD projectors, their pricing and what to expect, for us? :]

    shayouma, you should go and have a stroll there :)

    Sushi, why are you surprised? HD televison has been out for a long while and many support HDMI. I don’t have numbers, but prices have gone down too.

  6. i havnt been to the cenima in sooo long!
    ya3ne censoring sexual scenes MITE be understandable, bs a bleeding corps? or in some movies WORDS in parts then u hear them in others!
    its ridiculous!

  7. Sushi: I am 27 years old, got a whole family and since you only have your own room, it probably ain’t the right time :). If you have a nice place at home for it, maybe you should check it. Sometimes, the wall in the house just cries “I WAS MEANT FOR LCD”

    3baid: Well, I dunno. I am not expert on this subject even though I have read about it several articles. I have got Sony Bravia LCD 46 inch with their surround system. I bet smarter shopper can find cheaper surround system but I am not expert so I wanted to go for the best and guarantee good quality. The TV comes with many inputs, several 3 wires sockets, PC input, one on the side for game consoles, HDMI input. For audio I connected PS3 to the DVD that comes with surround system via optical cable.

    Cost, really high ;/. But when you see the difference, and how everyone is enjoying it, it’s worth it.

    Do you still want a separate post for it? I could just point out the TV,Video,PS3 setup and how sockets are. Perhaps a bit on why I prefer LCD over Plasma as well.

  8. Ohh and by the way, as for the price I forgot to mention one thing. Usually Plasmas are few hundreds cheaper than LCD, and some brands other than Sony are also cheaper. So you can find a cheaper price. Do they have HDMI or not… not sure. But Plasma ain’t best for video games. If you want it for PS3, get LCD.

    Projectors: Some new technologies have evolved and they give you larger screen with lower price. Can’t beat that right? They use partial projection not full one, and claim the quality is the same. I just asked the person beside me which screen was better, he didn’t know the difference. He pointed to the fully LCD no projection one as I expected. Don’t be fooled by any projection thing.

  9. Bashar, you’re 27? So what I’m 26! Which means it’s the right time for me to get the super-dee-doopery TV hehehe :P 3baid, I don’t want just the HD, I want the whole surround system, booster, and all the little accessories. My brother has one in his house but you can’t possibly go there everytime you wanna watch something or play an RPG. Maybe I can brainwash mom lol

  10. [Missy-TheOriginal: but you can’t possibly go there everytime you wanna watch something or play an RPG] You actually play games??? :)

    Well I’m impressed. and since you are 26, yeah you should get one :P. I actually meant I had waited for long time and saved a lot before I made the expensive move. PLEASE don’t buy it on monthly installment and wait for loan waive :). For 1000 KD I am sure you can get a decent LCD with surround system. How to get the money? Usually by saving on fashion stuff. Or are female gamers an exception? :)

    3baid: Well, if you try it you will know it’s worth it :D
    and it’s better than shooting real people right?

  11. The way I see it at the moment, I don’t use the TV much anyway so it wouldn’t be worth spending large sums of money on a device that I’ll be using once or twice a week.

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