New Aramex Shipping Rates

Just got this via email:

Effective Nov 1, 2007, SHOP&SHIP prices will change to the following;

First ½ kg: 2.500 KD
Each additional ½ kg: 2.000 KD


Operating costs continue to experience rises due to substantial increases in fuel & airline shipping costs.

Shortly after, I received this SMS message:

Access Group Online can help and assist you online call 2660984, 6955571, 767610 or visit

Talk about competitive opportunity! :/


12 thoughts on “New Aramex Shipping Rates

  1. They’re robbing us already and now they increase the prices! That’s a tottal rip off!
    What package comes less than 1 kilo!!! :\

    Isn’t there any cheap competeing company?

  2. Its really annoying, and they delay packages so that they don’t arrive together and for a cheaper rate. Its really annoying, so if you have one package 1/2 kg and another 1/2 kg arrive in the same day they won’t send it one time for 2.5 KD, they will send it two separate times for 5 KD…. this has become their standard practice.

  3. 3baid: Just another reason to avoid using Aramex. When I talked to their manager he seemed to be giving promises of pointing system for loyal customers. So much for the system at that rate! Anyways, now there is almost no difference between first half kilo and any extra, so it doesn’t matter a lot if it’s one or separate packages.

    is iec4u any better? They don’t seem to be.

    This is how I do it now:
    Books: Expedited shipping from Amazon. Cheaper around $8 for each additional book

    DVDs: Still Amazon to Aramex. Didn’t find good online site with international shipping. If you have one, please list it down.

    Games: How many games are you buying? Usually it won’t exceed half a kilo, max 1 kilo. So we are talking 5 KD shipping. If you have large amount and want fast shipping, try They charge something like 17 KD for first $75, and then $5 more for each extra $50. However they ship in 3-5 business days after 1 day processing. Could work if you have large games order.

    These are the type o things I order, and books is my biggest problem. So I switched to Amazon direct shipping.

  4. Bashar, Amazon has the best prices for most things, but another good website that a friend recommended is I think they’re based in Canada, but I have tried ordering DVDs from them before and didn’t experience any hiccups.

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