29 thoughts on “Custom-Shaped Cucumber

  1. Missy-TheOrginal, it’s healthy since all they’re doing is putting it in a container which forces the vegetable to grow a certain way. There are no chemicals involved.

    Very.Q8ya, shyab 6ari 9addam, he’s been dead for quite a while now :O

    Ms. D, cucumber doesn’t bite :/

    Miss_K, I know what you mean!

  2. Those japs sure know what they’re doing!
    First the watermelon and now cucymber! I wonder what’s next.
    But i do crave some cucumbers now, they look delicious :P

  3. you can’t do that with organic cucumbers… we tried it.. and the one with growth hormones is the one that gave those shapes.

    BTW these types of cucumber are genetically modified so most of their nutrients 6araw bil hawa shashi.

    ;) but no doubt they are beautiful .

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