Quick! While Nobody’s Watching!

I have a feeling Q80-Chill Girl will love this post, so I’m dedicating this to her:



20 thoughts on “Quick! While Nobody’s Watching!

  1. *gasp* Allaaaah. I really miss how my mommy daddy used to take me to Ikea to jump in the colored balls pool while they shop. I remember everything, they even had a small TV to watch Tom & Jerry and I also remember one particular boy there who kissed me on my cheek and gave me his candy. That was my first & only kiss! C? Even boys back then used to treat women properly! Boy if you’re still reading this and you’re still gentleman-behaved. I’m available!!!!!! 555-Sushi CALL NOW !!!!

    Great post 3baid, as usual… you know? If I had kids I’d porbably ditch the shopping and jump in with them! or maybe build a big one at home looool

  2. ARBEE`S!! i still remember their ball pool down stairs! i almost always lost my shoes in there :D

    would they think me strange if i dove into one of those at the young age of 24? :D


    a couple of weeks ago while having my usual visite to ikea, i saw the play room section & rememberd how i used to have fun but in the old one in Alshweikh, & why can’t I just jump in along with the kids!! Its not fair :P

    thank you dear for the lovely dedication I LOVED IT… :D

    you just made my day :D

  4. “555-Sushi CALL NOW !!!!”


    ChikaPappi, you can’t kill me, I have 9 lives :] *purr*

    Ms. D, nah, nobody would notice :P

    Q80-ChillGirl, glad you liked it :D

    morbidcuriosity, they’ll probably kick us out. :/

    Outkasty, you’re scared of everything! :O

  5. allaaaah! oh the memories:P i remember we used to play in the one in zahra while my mum was shopping and how we had to get our hands stamped before we jumped in! i’m seriously considering how much it would cost to get one at home:P

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