Honey Mustard With White Wine?


22 thoughts on “Honey Mustard With White Wine?

  1. lol it’s okay, white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar. That’s not alcohol =) I’m sure of it, you can ask to double check.

  2. I second “Missy-TheOrginal”; it is in most of the dressings we use and it is a kind of vinegar, but since it doesn’t mention vinegar on the label and only white wine, I might give it another thought!

    I say

    قول بسم الله و اكل :P

  3. You think they could have meant white wine vinegar and not just white wine? I don’t know. It’s strange that the ministry missed this. I definitely don’t want to have to put the effort myself to check on these things in Kuwait like in the US. Hope it’s a mistake.

  4. I can’t figure out the deal with people making a fuss and actually being happy to try such products! :\
    If you do encounter such incident, all you have to do is notify MOI and they’ll do the job.
    We’re a muslim country after all, if you wanna be excited about getting drunk then god bless the two neigbouring countries, they’re not too far and won’t cost you much.

  5. Liquor has many consintations, it has to reach a certain degree of “ta5meer” or nesbat ko7ool in order for it to be 7aram. So just because it says “white wine” it does not mean it’s 7aram.. Well, at least that’s what I know. :S
    Anyway, last time I was on British Airways they also had liquor in a cheese sandwitch so everyone ought to be careful.. read the label :p

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