Free SMS Reminders from Google Calendar

Google Calendar on SE K850

A friend of mine has brought my attention to the Google Calendar SMS notification service; Zain and Wataniya subscribers can have their calendar events and reminders sent straight to their phones for free! (Note that Zain is not mentioned on Google’s list of supported carriers, but it works nontheless).

To set this up, simply log in to your account, go to Settings, enter your phone details in Mobile Setup and you should receive a verification code shortly after. Once your number has been verified, you can specify which calendars or events you’d like to be notified about.

The best part of all of this is that since you can share calendars with other google users, people can see your free/busy hours, pick a suitable time for an event and have the details sent directly to your phone. You’ll never miss an appointment again! :)


29 thoughts on “Free SMS Reminders from Google Calendar

  1. Wow a lot of people are buying this phone. I checked it out the other day in the store. It doesn’t look like a phone I usually buy. I like phones that flip open and close- this looks guyish but since I’m looking for a Sony Erricson phone and this time I want quality if it’s really good, do tell, I might get it after all.

  2. Miss_K, it’s hard to manage the mobile calendar with a phone keypad or collaborate with others. Google Calendar lets you do that and more.

    Sushi, this post isn’t about the phone, but since you asked, all I know is that the K850 captures 5 Megapixels images. It’s “the latest thing” from SonyEricsson so you’ll have to check around the web for specs.

    Blueberri, you can’t add polls on wordpress unless you use third-party poll sites such as: or something similar.

  3. sushi, it’s more than perfect for me, it comes in cute violet and in brown too, the camera is 3.2 mp with auto focus and it’s super clear, go for it

  4. 3baid, E so what if the post is not about the phone, ya3ni I’m not supposed to ask? :P lol

    Miss K, that’s great mashallah. I will look for it for sure enshallah although I really don’t care that much about the phone camera. I hardly use it.

  5. What’s pretty good about this is that if you have multiple calendars in your google calendar, especially if you just subscribed those from somebody else, you can still set those calendars’ setting to send you SMS notifications.

  6. Hi there any update on this service following the recent addition of an extra digit to all cell phone numbers? If you try to register on Gcal with the new additional 8 digit number, it throws up an error. Wonder how fast Google is going to bother to fix this for us Kuwaiti users.

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