Aran Café

Aran Cafe

Banana Milkshake :)

Aran is a german cafe that sells a variety of breads, spreads, tea, coffee and milkshakes. Aside from Dubai, their shop near the Avenues Cinema is the only one available in the Middle East at the moment, and Morbid Curiosity and I got a chance to try it out.

With its seeds in the original shop in Rosenheim, Bavaria, the aran concept has continued to blossom and flourish since 1999 to a host of other towns throughout Germany, branching out even to international locations such as Dubai and Kuwait. -Aran’s Website

From what we had, I would say that their funky drinks aren’t exceptional, but their laid-back seating, hospitable service and general atmosphere was quite inviting. If you prefer to sit someplace away the crowd and indulge in your own space, Aran is certainly a nice place to hang out at.


13 thoughts on “Aran Café

  1. I was at the avenues ams! ;p
    I passed yam hatha wayed marat b3d bas never thought of actually trying it. i didnt even know they have anything other than bread lol
    I want Shake.

  2. Yeah beeen to Aran, we sat there to bake in the quietness from the “very noisey atmosphere outside in avenues” . What we enjoyed is the history behind every bread they have.

    Their Cheese cake was simply amazing!!!

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