Procrastination At Its Best

“Don’t you love that? A $700+ machine, an annual internet subscription, logged onto a website that’s worth $1.5 billion dollars, and what do you do? –poke! :O” -3baid


11 thoughts on “Procrastination At Its Best

  1. It’s what I love about my job. All you need is a computer with good connection, and you could literally change the world. Virtual one at least. When the guy refused the Yahoo $1 billion offer I said he is nuts. His children’s children will blame him for that. But now, less than a year his company is worth $15 billion.

    Another example? Google, which their stock price now reached $700. Apple also, another Garage origin company is now worth more than IBM! I find that difficult to under stand, with all IBM enterprise solutions. Seems end user products are much easier and more profitable.

    Q8Ba7th started from my home in 3gela and is now worth -$132. Wanna buy shares before it booms? (Maybe I can fool some with it :P)

  2. LOOOOOOL! That’s so funny…. Honestly, I really like facebook ( i know i’m the odd one out in this group).. but it really helps me keep in touch with people that don’t live in kuwait… plus it’s a source of entertainment.. lol… anyways, i dunno i think the way it was done was smart.. the whole privacy thing when it first started out.. so that it wasn’t a MySpace-like application… but $15 billion is a bit steep….

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