Kuwait Agenda

I stumbled on a really cool fairly-recent website called, “Kuwait Agenda” that lists some of the places to go to in this country –and you know they’re not that many! Much to my dismay, the site seems incomplete, broken in many places and dare I say discontinued. Go ahead and sample their May 2007 page on Ruby Tuesday and let me know what you think.

It pleases me to find such  sites especially when there’s an obvious demand for rich web content regarding Kuwait. With any luck, posting about this, and directing traffic towards the site just might be enough to grab the administrators’ attention and entice them into updating and continuing the great work that they had started.


14 thoughts on “Kuwait Agenda

  1. Yeah just like the rest have said: need a lotta work but great concept nevertheless. However, it just got my attention that Ruby Tuesday has a Ladies Night and a Karaoke Night.

  2. its not bad.. i stumbled on this syt as i was searchin for some cool and good image that i could use in my asignment to represent my home land (^_^) think is it needs more images (-_-) so more of tha plz.. bes over all ist okay (*_^)

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