Kuwait Blogs Widget

Kuwait Blogs Dashboard Widget

Here’s a quick widget that I made using Leopard’s dashcode for Safat. Bloggers using Macs of version 10.4.3 or greater, click here to get the latest Kuwaiti entries right on your dashboard. Sorry Windows users, but this won’t work for you :P


15 thoughts on “Kuwait Blogs Widget

  1. Would love to use our Apple, but it’s just too old and slow, a real pain.
    So, I keep using my little Vaio instead,…., no widget for me, sniff….

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  3. Hi, u seem 2 b a comp wiz mashalla. can u help me with my widgets? if u look @ my blog, the widgets are cut off at the edge, not complete, and do not fit into my blog. also can I have the widget placed on the left, bottom, etc. not just at the right? thank you

  4. q8cougar, I’m aware of this problem and it’s mostly because of the blogger template. Even if you modify the width of the widget, it will still not look correct on all browsers. The only solution is to widen the side bar by editing the template. You’ll have to go through the template code and look for the sidebar “width” property and play with it without breaking the entire layout which isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Either that or change the entire template to something else.

    If I were you, I’d email the website that creates these widgets and complain that they are designed wider than most blogger theme side bars.

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