Bloggers’ Coverage of Kuwait Flugtag 2007

Redbull Flugtag Kuwait 2007

If you’ve missed Kuwait’s first Flugtag, like I have, you can check out all the bloggers coverage of the event here:

You can also see the results on the official flugtag website. Nice job contestants :)

Let me know if I’ve missed a URL.


18 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Coverage of Kuwait Flugtag 2007

  1. Swair, my pleasure :]

    Sou, yup!

    MacaholiQ8, added :]

    chikaP, hi :P

    pinky, haha you’ll get used to it ;)

    Jacqui, I wasn’t there. I was stuck with homework :/

  2. Holy canoli – there were a LOT of people, uh, bloggers :D

    Thanks for linking :D!!
    (I’m glad for pingbacks, I would have prob. never found this otherwise, grin)

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