How To Fix Small Fonts in Safari

The default fixed-width font on Safari 3 is too small for the comment box that this wordpress theme is designed for, so here’s a quick fix:

Go to the Appearance tab in Safari’s Preferences and increase the fixed-width font size to 14 (or greater).

Et Voila! :D 


20 thoughts on “How To Fix Small Fonts in Safari

  1. Shayooma, copy your entire iTunes Library folder. You’ll find it in your Home Folder > Music > iTunes. Relaunch iTunes and it should recognize everything and reload your library just the way it was.

  2. 3baid I am going to be annoying lol.. what is the difference between TAGS and CATERGORIES on wordpress.. I am trying to see if I can manage WordPress.. And can you change the header TAG to another word like I have done on my blogger blog?

  3. Ms. D, don’t sue me, sue the person who designed the template! :O

    Marzouq, don’t worry, it’s nothing you should be concerned about :)

    Outkasty, not when it’s barely readable :/

    shayouma, I don’t understand what you mean by “sequence images” and “order”. Are you trying to rename files or rearange them in iPhoto?

    Your other question, tags are like keywords; use them as the words that people would type into a search field to find your post with. Catagories is just like labels on blogspot; they are the topic of your post and usually have a broader meaning. Look through my posts to see examples.

    Hitman, Firefox 2 (including Camino) is extremely slow compared to Safari 3. Sure, it may not have all the cool plugins, but I’m willing to drop functionality if it means more responsive apps.

  4. Thanks 3baid I am getting a hang of the category thing,, I think! lol

    as for sequence, Yeah I mean I want to rename them, you by by right click and choose Automator and then Sequence images. no not in iphoto but in my folders. They are in an order and when I rename them, the automator renames them 3ala kaifa el malgoof! number 1 becomes 7 and number 3 becomes 1, like this!

    and if I find a template for wordpress and I download it, how do I use it in WordPress??

  5. Shayouma, I used to rename files with AppleScript but in Automator, I THINK that it depends on how you select the files. Try this application though, it looks like it can do what you want.

    You can’t use wordpress templates on unless you pay for custom css templates. You can find this on the “Upgrades” section in your dashboard. I suggest you read the wordpress FAQ because I’m not sure if you can upload an entire template or not. :/

  6. Thanks I will try that programme..

    Yeah I checked and they have a preview thing to try.. When I put the template in there, it is all messed up lol.. I need to slow down maybe lol!

  7. Hi,

    My Mac Safari 2.0.4 doesn’t seem to recognize the font changes that I have put in the Style.css. The same font changes are reflected in FireFox and Netscape on Mac.

    Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?


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