Mac&More Is Now ‘Digits’


I just got a comment on my Mac & No More post:

We have changed our name to ‘Digits’

You know us as ‘Mac & More’. With Apple taking back its AppleCentre brand for its own use, we had to change our name. We still have the same close relationships with Apple. We still have our Apple Authorized Service Centre. We now have Apple’s highest reseller status – Apple Premium Reseller. And we have our new name

-Islam Inshassi

As of writing, the Mac&More website is touting their newest branch location in the Al-Kout Mall (Fahaheel) and promises launching an online store in the very near future. There’s still no sign of the name change, although I expect, if this comment proves reputable, that changes would be made soon.


14 thoughts on “Mac&More Is Now ‘Digits’

  1. Cool we need more Apple stores in Kuwait.

    I just checked the website and it looks “official”. Is it considered and recognized an official branch by Apple?

  2. Dear All,

    the resoan why Mac & more have changed its name is:

    No one can use the word “Mac” any more, so we had to change our name, we could Make it “Mc & More”, but that make no sence, and we could make it i-Anything but we were afraid a new rules in the future will forbidden using the i.

    so we were thinking of somthing related to computers, so we choosed DIGITS, if you think a little bit, everything has been made in the computers based on the 0 1 “Digits”

    The Yellow coloer is more attracted to the eyes.

    and the other resoan is , we want to have our own identity .

    so Digits are expanding now , and you will see in the future some new products are exlusive for Digits Only.

    About the Website , is no longor the official website for “Digits Apple Premium Reseller” , we are building our website now , and it will be on as soon as we finish inshallah.

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