Short Kitty Story of the Week

Kitty saw 3baid and followed him up some stairs.


3baid walked through the long department corridors. Kitty didn’t care. Kitty still followed.


Kitty was later forced to leave. 3baid felt bad because he had nothing to offer kitty after going so far :(


28 thoughts on “Short Kitty Story of the Week

  1. you know, my dad & aunt walk around with a can of cat food just for the same reason, I felt sad today 3baid.. I had to pick up a dead kitty from the ground as I went back home.. It was just there.. it was so tiny :( I used a towel to pick the poor thing up o put it in a bag :( *cries*

  2. Owww… how sad. Worse than Le Miserables!
    I still remember the cute cats that were jumping near us beside sea near Green Island (elle ma yadre egol o rabek Green Islnd… Pirates of Persian Gulf :P). They follow you for food.

    But the cute poor one was a cat on Mishref walkway. I was just running there once and saw her. She was like MEOOWWW. So out of politeness (and love) I replied back MEOWWWW. On the way back again she said MEOWW but this time I was just walking. Several MEOOWWS went back and forth suddenly she came and started rubbing her self with my leg. :)
    That was really cute.

  3. Chikapappi, yeah I know the feeling :(

    Laialy, don’t scare the little thing! :O

    Bashar, nice story :P

    Rekoo, tabi akil o ma kan 3indi shay :/

    Miss_K, congrats

    suspic, cats aren’t edible! :O

    Blue Dress, what would have you done if hadn’t had a sandwich?

  4. LOL that’s so cute…. HOWEVER, to be honest, if it was me, i’d probably have run down the corridors shrieking in panic!!! :P I’d love to help them if they didn’t freak me out!

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