Stay True

Zia recently wrote,

“People will interpret what you do or say however they want.” -Zia

My Solution
Pursue your intentions to the end. Referring to Zia’s example about a, “torn dress” remark, if you’re concerned about a dress, ask about it the following day, and try to help as much as possible. Don’t leave actions or ideas “floating”; follow them through!

In other words, don’t do/say something unless you accept assigning it as your own responsibility. Makes sense?


16 thoughts on “Stay True

  1. Yes makes sense, but sometimes you say it just so you can hear it, ya3ni you want to be able to do it but there are a billion and one obstacles that stand in your way.

  2. But sometimes you meet really stubborn people that accuse you of being “too apologetic” no matter how much you are trying to coney your point of view or concern to them. Good advice nevertheless.

  3. Sure does.. but you know. I don’t bother. I mean I don’t like it when people get me wrong but if they do and I cannot change that, then it’s not my problem you know.. I don’t need to prove something to people who think negative.

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