Update on “Digits”

Dear All,

The resoan why Mac & More have changed its name is: no one can use the word “Mac” any more, so we had to change our name, we could make it, “Mc & More” but that make no sense, and we could make it i-Anything but we were afraid a new rules in the future will forbidden using the i.

So we were thinking of something related to computers, so we choosed DIGITS, if you think a little bit, everything has been made in the computers based on the 0 1 “Digits”.

The Yellow color is more attractive to the eyes, and the other resoan is, we want to have our own identity.

So Digits are expanding now, and you will see in the future some new products are exlusive for Digits Only.

About the Website, Macandmore.com.kw is no longer the official website for “Digits Apple Premium Reseller”, we are building our website now, and it will be on as soon as we finish inshallah. –Islam Inshassi


17 thoughts on “Update on “Digits”

  1. The logo/font is ugly, and it’s so 90’s.

    Plus, true many famous companies have yellow logos eye catching and all that(McD, DHL..), but with that tone of yellow and that font and that black background. It just ain’t workin’..

  2. It’s been said that Kuwait (or the ‘arab world’ even) isn’t a big-enough market for Apple to consider opening an official retail store. It’s a pity. :/

  3. :-) Cool

    Sir, I I’m doin a research about apple-mac computers. so i need some information for my topic

    since when digit or apple center as iy used 2 call has been operating?

    and how many stores there are here in kuwait?

    I will be gratefull if you provide me with these informations

    Please reply me as soon as possible


  4. I mean Any authorized reseller for Apple can not use the word Mac. that is not stupid , this is the rule from Apple.
    google it, and you will see that all Apple stores who used to have Mac in thier name , they change the name to something else.

    The Color is Fantastic , and the font yes it is 90’s and mayeb earlier… but old isnt always bad, thats why the fashion goes back years ago,
    Plus , we wanted the name to express the Computers! Search about Digits and that fonts! its describing the computers! You should remember we sell Electronics, we do not sell clothes.

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