3aib vs 3adi

“Tell them it’s 3aib (frowned upon) and they’ll call you close-minded and traditional. Tell them it’s 3adi (all right) and they’ll accuse you of no shame and perversion.” -3baid

Note: 3aib is not to be confused with 7aram (forbidden).


23 thoughts on “3aib vs 3adi

  1. exactly! .. but I believe most 3aib things are tend to be 3adi these days ..

    3ala golat chiks “some people have twisted values in their dictionaries”

  2. We’re importing moral values from elsewhere, and ditching our own calling it outdated. Can we call it a.. ‘foreign policy’..?

    Disadvantages : See the scum in Marina Mall in the weekend.

  3. Thats why you should move through life in kuwait with side blinders (like they put on horses) :P ignore everyone and live the way they want. No matter what you do, ma ra7 ya3jibhum :P . Jaaad in this country ma ya3jibhum il 3ajaaaaab.

  4. honestly, i don’t judge what people do, it’s up to God ew sh3alay minhum? bas if i think somethings 3aib, i’ll say it, ew if i think it’s 3adi, i’ll say it. I’m sure people will disagree bas sh3alaihum? everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion! Ew as for people labeling me because of my beliefs, 6af, ma iyhimooni. I have a story this post reminded me of not really related bas i’m going to type it up…

  5. 3baaid, i admire your wisdom btw! i never thought men could be so thoughtful and meaningful … wallah wallah no offense am not being sarcastic!

  6. loves the quote. Though 3aib and 3adi are phrases I wish to smash in many people’s heads..
    What happened to Kuwait by the way?
    Mako binni9 wayd.. Ya dyana 3al2a5ir.. Ya tiri9i9..
    :s 3aib and 3adi, you say.

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