Automatic car door

I’ve seen doors that swing to either side, flip upwards, or slide to the back, but this is something else!


21 thoughts on “Automatic car door

  1. What will they come up with next, automatic car seats?! =O

    Seriously though, as cool as it might be it seems completely unsafe. Being too fragile(to be able to fold..), and difficult to open in case of emergency.

    I’m still waiting on flying cars and Auto-pilot for cars. =(

  2. Yeah, really cool and neat! Beats slamming into other car doors in the parking. It does seem somewhat unsafe. There should be some safety latch to detach the door (same as on planes) in case of an emergency.

  3. I am not a fan of those cars.. a normal car will do, i only need it to take me somewhere,, Donno why some people are obessed with this car and that car! My husband’s car has the keys that you don’t have to put in the place for keys, automatic thing.. and i feel it’s not safe.. the other day my son was platying with it when we drove and when we parked we had to search for 30 minutes under the seats! WHAT is the point of it anyways!

  4. lol how convenient is that? I always worry about having a dog run after me for some reason.. So I always think I’d run to my car and slam the door.. I would never drive this car lol

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