Here it is…

You may recall sometime back in July, that I pondered writing a dishdasha shopping guide for the minority of kuwaiti guys who aren’t accustomed to wearing them. From then on, I’ve emailed Zahra, from, sent her everything I knew regarding the topic and suggested that she’d start a section on her fashion website/blog as it would be more suitable than having it on my own blog.

A few weeks later, she wrote back saying she had no knowledge of the matter and invited me to become a guest blogger on her site instead. I obviously didn’t have the time or resources to pursue it, so I had to decline and put the whole idea aside.

I figured I’d try to put a page together sometime before Eid, (that’s usually when men go shopping for new ones), so I managed to publish it today. If you can contribute to it, please leave a comment and I will gladly add it to the page.

12 thoughts on “Here it is…

  1. hmmm…I think it’s better to ask/go with someone who knows instead of just reading and going and making an awkward mess, in MOST cases, the garment, tailoring, advice and everything else is in the same place in like a jam3iya! or co-op, I mean if u don’t know how to buy a dishdasha and only wear it once, why complicate everything…people who don’t have friends/family who can help them with this should just wear like a suit coz why would they need to wear a dishdasha? social event? I think it’s better to make a page on how to wear the ghitra coz that’s what’s difficult. Trust. and excuse my negative tirade :}

  2. Sushi, strange.. it should show up :/

    Fast Lane, thanks :)

    hammoodee, “a page on how to wear the ghitra” LOOOL! Good point!

    Outkasty, yeah but you don’t wanna buy “any dishdasha” :P

    Marzouq, thanks :)

  3. I own a shop in Souq Al-Aqmisha and a wholesale for the small tailors around Kuwait. It was both shocking and interesting for me to learn that there are People who want to wear the dishdasha but find it intimidating to buy them!!

    There was a gap in the 90’d when all the young generation switched to foreign-wear and we’ve seen our sales drop the past decade, but i guess its back now yet the young are clueless and have lost touch with the art of dishdasha wearing.

    I was inspired by your article. I’d be willing to help you improve on this guide from my experience. Hopefully it will boost business up again to pre-90’s levels. Let me know if you’re interested…

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