Kuwait Paper Dump v2.0

Update your bookmarks! Kuwait Paper Dump has been migrated to WordPress with a new theme and a dedicated host. My friend and I have been working on it for a long while and it should now be quicker and easier than ever for anyone to search and find stuff thanks to categories, tags and other description metadata.

Kuwait Paper Dump v2.0
Click the image above to visit the new Paper Dump

We’ve also updated the link button and would much appreciate it if you added to your own blogs:

Kuwait Paper Dump Button

See anything strange, broken or want to suggest something? Please leave a comment! Thank you.


25 thoughts on “Kuwait Paper Dump v2.0

  1. Well… Awesome work. Congrats :) I very much love the new design.

    If I may give couple of tips on Google Ads:
    1- I think you will find filtering some ads useful. Google stupidly allows irrelevant improper ads. (I insulted Google!!!)
    2- As per Google AdSense regulations, you are now allowed more than 3 content ad blocks per page. While Google automatically disables showing more than 3, its still better to do limit it through the code, otherwise Google may come and accuse you of abusing the service later on.

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