Kuwaiti Lingo.

Inspired by Fayoora’s post about our language. It may not be apparent nowadays, but in the past, there were words that were exclusive to a particular gender. Here are a few examples:

To express regret
Men say: 7asafa
Women say: 8amee’6a

To express shyness or shamefulness
Men say: Fashla
Women say: Wi’7izyah

To express fear or shock
Men say: Ubbaih/ya waily
Women say: Umbaih/ya 7asrity

To express disgust:
Men say: Ya3 (Wa33o/Wai3 with children)
Women say: gi6ee3a/gi6a3 (usually short for “allah yig6a3 ibleesik” XD)

There may have been a few exceptions to these but you’d never hear a guy say something like, “Umbaih, 8amee’6a nisait [insert object]”. Most of them have been depreciated anyway so the younger generation doesn’t bother with them anymore. If you want to know more, talk to an older person and pay extra attention to their vocabulary. Or watch some Darb El Zalag :P


30 thoughts on “Kuwaiti Lingo.

  1. Lol .. i used to say abeh not ambeh :p

    i have a friend who used to set with her grandmother alot,
    and she have really strange old words such as : 7aseena and Gobra !

    these are some of our genration words:
    Ay shy
    7elfaay (repeat it many times lol) –> 7lfy 7lfy 7lfy

  2. for some reason i believe that guys now dont make difference what the words they are not supposed to say, its getting mixed up 7abtain!

    i never every say wai3 or ambaih or ya waily! , or even fashla.

    btw, ya waily is a girls word.

  3. The actual Kuwaiti language is gone. I don’t know a lot of the slang/Kuwaiti Arabic the older generations used. The pronounciation of the words that remained is different too.

    The newer generations are getting gayer too, replacing every J with a Y when it’s unnecessary. Kelna 7athar bs who the hell says “7awayib”, “yild”, “nais” and “yanaba” ? I doubt the older generations said ’em like that.

  4. ok ok i thought that was just the old kuwaiti and new kuwaiti, mo the man kuwaiti and the girl kuwaiti, interesting stuff, and LOL 3ala kil ili shakaw ib inoothat-hum!! zain kitha!! hehehe

  5. wut bugz me the most r the rough words that ud hear guys say only, but unfortunately even the girls use them nowadays! its so masculine and violent wen heard in the feminine voice, so y wud u say such an unattractive thing? especially the bad words in the arabic language…

    and the new words that this generous are coming up with are beyond superficial! its the same all around kuwait..

  6. To be honest (and proud) I still use those words!
    specially ambee/abee, 7asafa, gi6ee3a/gi6a3, fashla (teh gender thingy doesn’t exist with me, yi3timid 3ala el mood :P)

    Oh but you forgot one very important word:
    Haw haw haw!

    Lol, walla I love this word, how human beings could relate to animals. ;P

    (no offence to anyone)

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