More On Language

Want to test someone’s english? Take ’em to Subway:

“Yes, I want the white one”, pointing at the italian bread, “meat —no that one!”, looking at the smoked turkey, “yes, okay and…” (at that point the guy behind the counter mentions some vegetables) “…no no tomato! Put mayonnaise. Finish finish! How much?”.



23 thoughts on “More On Language

  1. LOL !
    Elmushkela, when the tiny SUBWAY i go too is crowded I end up using the same dialouge you have eb ur post ;p I have this problem with alot of people being in the room m3ay, fa t9eer fethaye7 :p

  2. Lol, oh that’s so true.
    Proves how creative kuwaitis are when their tummies are the center of the universe.
    I believe that at some point, this dialouge will turn into a “yes”, “no”, “okay” “how much?” dialouge.
    Then give it a few years, we’ll be using nods and head shakes.
    A few more years, we’ll be jumping over the counter, making our own food, throwing the money at the “workers” and walking away.

    Life is all about evolution…. to backwards ;P

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