Top 10 Songs

Macaholiq8 tagged me for a list of my ten all time favorite songs, but since I have no clue what they are, I entrusted iTunes to sort my most played songs:

  1. You Know What – Craig David
  2. What’s Changed – Craig David
  3. The Game of Love (Featuring Michelle Branch) – Santana
  4. We Ride – Rihanna
  5. Stricken – Disturbed (Guitar Hero 3)
  6. Through the Fire and Flames – Dragonforce (Guitar Hero 3)
  7. Lay Down – Priestess (Guitar Hero 3)
  8. Just One Nite – Cassie
  9. Monsters – Matchbook Romance (Guitar Hero 3)
  10. My Curse – Killswitch Engage (Guitar Hero 3)

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Songs

  1. Sushi’s ipod: (Recently added) (songs about girls – whole album)I luuuvv “Aint it pretty”
    Chingy (hate it or love it – whole album)
    Jay Z (“Lost one” – “Show me what you got”)
    Mary J. Blige (Growing Pains – whole album)

  2. Btw, where did you get those songs from GH3? My song list is different. I finished the game in EASY & MEDIUM, I never came across those songs? :/

  3. Sushi, finish expert :P

    Enigma, yeah I’ve been listening non-stop :/

    Amethyst, hehe enjoying the new word are we? XD And yes, very much so :|

    MacaholiQ8, thanks

    greyshorts, no he still exists in my music library :/

    kaileena, you should :)

  4. 3baid, wonderful lol I’m playing it on ‘hard’ now and its just too hard i9ara7a. I can’t catch up anymore :/ Might get the guitar.

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