Cinescape Ups Prices

New Cincescape Prices

From the official Cinescape website:

Effective 7th February, ticket prices will be KD 3.000 except on Mondays.

Way to go Cinescape! It’s now even less attractive to watch movies there.


27 thoughts on “Cinescape Ups Prices

  1. I’ve been hating KNCC ever since they closed Salmiya cinema.

    I’m with Enigma though, TV+surround sound system+comfy chair. It’s funner and you can kick family out if they annoy you..

  2. Everything is going crazy up, except salaries!

    I think Google should pay higher cut for us on AdSense :P

    Hate those Cinescape REALLY. I am Legend was stupidly censored for no good reason.

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