21 thoughts on “Can We Say…

  1. Yes we can!!

    Lucky you, you’re at MC, I’m at home; I was at my sister’s Sport’s Day earlier, so that’s got to count as “out”, right? :)

    Enjoy the weather!

  2. Sou, you too! :D

    Sushi, you can’t tell from the picture but the atmosphere is really nice.

    Jacqui, it feels that way too :)

    Laialy_q8, ^_^

    Amethyst, that’s the spirit :]

    Linus, enjoying it to the max!

    suspic, don’t worry :P

    K.TheKuwaiti, dude that’s “okay parking” by Kuwaiti standards @_@

  3. Heh, are you kidding me?
    that’s the best weather you could ask for!!
    you get free dusty meals through all your natural enterances (almost all of them ;P)
    But no seriously, what sucked more is staying in university till 5 PM in such a weather!

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