The Arabs Are Good For Somethin’

Friend: They need to develop the opposite of coffee
Friend: to counter act it
Friend: like
Friend: “im too hyper”
Friend: “slow down juiiiiiiiiice”
3baid: The arabs invented that
Friend: ?
3baid: it’s called Liban

15 thoughts on “The Arabs Are Good For Somethin’

  1. Oh my god lol.
    that was so freakin’ lame that it made me laugh like a nut case for 15 minutes while using the university’s lab computer!

    No but it’s true!
    lol but it’s mostly effective when you drink it after a really umm… large, stuffy meal!

  2. Come to think of it, very true, this might be the reason why other people beat us in different fields, they work more with huge mugs of coffee while we sleep and get lazy with Liban and tiny cups of coffee, destroy Liban i say, and all tiny coffee cups.

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