High On Vitamin-C

Note: This post may not make any sense.

I’ve been sick for the past three days. What started out as a mere cough during the day, quickly developed into a sore throat with a nauseating migraine by afternoon. I had to spend all of yesterday and the day before in bed falling in and out of sleep (drinking hot green tea in-between) hoping I could recover before classes start.

When I woke up this morning, I assumed I was in good shape to leave the house; my migraine had stopped and the soreness was reduced to only when speaking. What I didn’t realize however, was that my mind was still drugged on tea, vitamins, and cough medicine from the previous night. It was to the extent that when I was done with my first lecture, I went to the cafeteria and didn’t realize I was missing my second lecture until about 30 minutes into it!

“Maybe I was just careless?”, I questioned myself.

Once home, I went to get my pills and a glass of water. What I did afterwards was so moronic, that even Fayoora’s incident will now come off as completely understandable.

That’s right folks, I tossed the pills into the cup instead of my mouth.

I better go lie down for now.

33 thoughts on “High On Vitamin-C

    see the difference between you and my mom is that you act that way cause you’re sick, my mom acts that way all the time hehehe
    yalla salamaat buddy

  2. Actually, I think what you have done is nothing but a work of genius. I mean, why wouldn’t I think of that. It would have made swallowing pills much more…easier…

  3. LOOOOL!!!!
    Better than “badkhal il jan6a ayeb il7abba..la its okay kahu il ma6bakh..ha?..okay 3a6eny ilkabat mal il kutub..shfech i66al3eeny chithy?” My mother told me I said that the morning after.

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