Virgin Megastore Taps Into Newer Markets?

Virgin Megastore sells jewelry

Despite its current pitiful state, the Virgin not-so-mega-anymore store is still striving to sell even more random products. This time around, they are specifically targeting the young female consumers with a whole new lineup of bracelets, earrings and jewelry accessories, placing the company only inches away from its larger longtime competitor, Soug Al-Mubarikiya.


26 thoughts on “Virgin Megastore Taps Into Newer Markets?

  1. That is just sad… Kuwiat will never go anywhere as long as idiots have the say so in every little thing that goes on… wallah 7aram remember what it was like a year ago? RIP Virgin

  2. Man, I’ve seen this Virgin trying different things times and times. It turned once into showroom for Wataniya, car companies… but I never, NEVER expected this. As a matter of fact, I still have to see it to believe it!

    What on earth are they thinking?

  3. lol I was shocked when I walked in and saw this last week. I was looking for “Assassin’s Creed” and they told me it’s banned amongst many other things.


  4. I thought they were selling handcuffs. That would’ve been totally hysterical.

    I foresee them selling crocs in there.

    I never liked the place, so bleh they might as well ybe3on 9irwal mkasar and have a mahri stand.

    Imagine a mahri in there screaming “saraweel..saraweel..saraweel!”.

  5. A bad waste of what used to be a one of a kind store in Kuwait, it did not have the best with the best prices! but it had a lot combined which made it a must when ever i step into marina, not any more though

  6. How embarrsing!
    The MOI didn’t leave a thing!!! How we’re supposed to be intellactually active if they’re banning everthing!!
    They’re definitely underestimating our minds.

  7. 3baid, I’ve been to Virgin and your nice pictures doesn’t describe half how funny it is! It looks so dump. It’s just like Max store or something. They removed most video games and replaced them with some cheap kids toys, and those accessories are at the main entrance as well!

    I know their point: Video games didn’t sell well.
    Well guess what. People don’t like to pay 28 KD for a Wii game that is available for 18 KD else where!

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