And now that April Fools is over, …

And now that April Falafil Fools is over, the award for most creative hoax award goes out to IGN for their exclusive Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer:

Why can’t it be real? :'(

15 thoughts on “And now that April Fools is over, …

  1. I wanted to post this but it seems you have beaten me into it. I want Peter Moore to direct a Zelda movie and make it like Lord of the Ring-esque.

    BTW, I had a hilarious time brawling with you today especially during the lag when when the 3 of us were fighting. You guys were taunting “LOOL” like crazy. I bet we would have a smoother connection if we were living neaby.

  2. Ummm don’t mind the Brawl comment. It turned out I added another 3baid (or in this case 3abood) in my friends list and I thought I was battling you :P

    Although I did see you online the other day but you were “spectating” like crazy. I wished I had your phone number just so you would stop “spectating” and check your Friends list for a moment.

  3. Man, you’re telling me all of this is April Fool joke!

    It’s amazing. Only an idiot would spend that much time working on such a joke I guess

  4. Hehehe truns out my son saw it on the 1st and yesterday when he came from school he came to watch it and I told him you saw this, he said yeah yesterday.. and I told him it’s April’s Fools ..

    He was Sooo upset and he phoned all his friends telling them so hehehe poor thing felt sorry for him!

    He usually watches the trailers or clips on IGN of games and stuff everyday until they come out I know all the Smash Bro by heart now lol!

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