A Blog About Kuwait’s ISPs

“It’s very rare for an Internet Service Provider to divulge their network performance to their customers. That’s why most Kuwaitis rely on friends, word-of-mouth, or go through an excruciating process of trial and error to find out what works for them.”

I’ve created yet another blog to keep track of Kuwait’s ISPs’ performance. If you’re reading this, then you most probably have an account with one of the major providers, so I urge you to check it out and voice your experiences about your ISP. It’ll make life easier for all of us when you can’t take marketers word for the speeds they advertise on paper.

Btw K.TheKuwaiti, I’m aware that you’ve done similar studies about ISPs before so I’m offering that you join in as an author with me and MBH.


21 thoughts on “A Blog About Kuwait’s ISPs

  1. Great site .. I think a long term projection with a full survey of price, speed, service and extras would eventually pressure ISPs enough to focus on the end customer.

    Survey > DB > live report

  2. K, We were thinking of putting graphs of the data we get & update whenever new data arrives.

    Since the site is on wordpress itself, DB isn’t an option now. If it grows, we can relocate it.

  3. Chikapappi, Amethyst, Enigma, thank you all.

    K, I’ve sent you an invite.

    I initially considered building it on a wiki, but I didn’t want to subject the data to abuse or misinformation from casual web users.

  4. I remember a while back you said you were working on a project something to do with making downloads more efficient? Is there any update?

  5. Joomla is too big in my opinion, and MBH says it’s needs way too many security fixes for his liking.

    I honestly don’t see any advantages in moving at the moment unless someone comes up with an essential feature that we might want. Thanks anyway K for offering. :)

  6. 3baid: I think this is a great idea. But probably something original rather than a blog would be more useful. But a blog might be sufficient for a start. Just include some voting as people wanna see more numbers I guess.

    Thanks again and good luck

  7. Bashar, I wanted to create a wiki for a more collaborative approach, but couldn’t see a true advantage to that. Paper Dump was supposed to be collaborative too, but I rarely get contributions; people are lazy.

    Vixen, ofcourse, we needed a mascot, and what better than a kitty? :]

    Angelo, appreciate your compliments :)

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