Nintendo Wii: 18 months later and still out of stock!

It’s been roughly a year and a half since the launch of the Nintendo Wii, and the demand for the console is still outstripping sales. Looking at, the device continues to suffer from shortages, and currently ranks as the most searched product at the store.

A recent article from Ars Technica hints that this trend is not stopping.

“Just when our expectations are set for what Nintendo can do in sales, the company comes up with a new way to blow away the competition. Nothing in software or hardware came close to touching what Nintendo did this month.” —Ars Technica

It just goes to show that the president and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, was true to his words when he set the Blue Ocean Strategy into effect. The company is now back on track and ahead of all the competition. Bravo Nintendo! You have truly outdone yourself.


17 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: 18 months later and still out of stock!

  1. I still see some people waiting in line (and camping) in Best Buy and Target on Saturday nights to get their Wiis on early Sunday morning. I still cannot believe that I got mine during launch day, but of course I had to wait from 2AM to 8AM in the most coldest night ever.

    BTW, go and buy Okami or I’ll seriously hunt you down and beat you. That game needs some support. Do it, NOW!!

  2. Our wii bit the dust (literally) .. took it to get the sensor cleaned/replaced. My brother waited for roughly 16 hours on the launch day to get one .. little did he know that he wasn’t going back to Kuwait with it.

  3. XBox 360 > PS3, that is all that needs to be said..

    360 & PS3 have a smaller target market even though they want everyone… but the Wii got them beat with the way people play and its approach as something non-gaming but entertaining!

  4. Angelo, Okami is really nice. I didn’t get the chance to play it on the PS2, so I’m grabbing it for the Wii as soon as I can.

    K, 16 hours?! @_@

    Marzouq, the 360 vs PS3 debates have been around for ages, but the way I see it, you’ll need to get all consoles if you’re a hardcore gamer.

  5. I own all of those … (except PS3 which of course I will own eventually). So to me there is no competition between any of em.

  6. 3baid: Even it’s not my favorite, no one can deny how smart Nintendo are and how they keep pushing up their sales. I still enjoy the PS3 much more though, never tried the Xbox 360. Looks pretty fun as well.

    K.TheKuwaiti: [Yup .. Sat in front of a Target for 16 hours to buy one (7ada fathy).] fanboys wont take that so nicely you know :)

  7. I have a syndrome where i’m unable to finish any DS games except Yoshi’s Island. I don’t know why but I can’t get hooked on the DS games. And the only reason why Nintendo is making it big is because they’re risking it with new operational creative ideas. I dont see any OUTSTANDING games out there.

    BTW 3baid where did u reach on Mario Galexy?

  8. They really did do an amazing job. Then again, with the flexibility of the ps3 (especially with the fact that you can get linux on it..) is really a great feature.

  9. I’m stuck in the bginning. I’m angry actually, it’s not as fun as Mario Sunshine! I WANT MARIO SUNSHINE BACK! I get a headache from running around the stupid planets.

  10. I have been looking for a Wii for 2008 Christmas for my kids and today I have found a leaked Black Friday Ad for the Wii!

    I was so happy to get mine as it should be here in no more than 4 days, in time to hide from the kids and wrap it up for christmas, they still have them in stock and it was very easy to do.

    Try it out, here, Wii in stock

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