Heard of the Washlet?

I had to share this:

The Washlet is a toilet seat that does more or less everything for you: the seat lid automatically opens when you approach it and the seat is warmed to body temperature so you can immediately sit comfortably on it. Once you’re done doing your business, it rinses you with “clean water” —not exactly a revolutionary concept for Arabs/Muslims, I know— then dries you. Finally, once off the seat, the lid automatically closes and the toilet is flushed. Odors are changed to “good air”, you’ll “feel happy” and your bum couldn’t be more refreshed! XD

Watch how all this technology works by visiting their website.

PS: I’m aware that Japan has more advanced seats, but I felt that their presentation was more entertaining. ;P


10 thoughts on “Heard of the Washlet?

  1. I tried one of these in Japan. They are great! I bought a Washlet but it would not fit on my Kohler one-piece toilet. I returned it and got this Brondell Swash. It fits all toilets and looks great and cost me a couple hundred less than the washlet.

    regardless, if you have not tried one of these, you are still in the dark ages! (and women, the heated seat is great:)

  2. Oh! Sorry Um BB, I didn’t notice that loading page! You have to wait for it to load and then there’s nothing shameful after that I promise you :) Minimize the browser until you start to hear the people talk.

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