Marriage = RAID Array?

Warning: Extremely Crazy/Geeky Thoughts!

I couldn’t help but noticed how my friends and colleges tend to automatically pair up around college. Pairing up makes it easier for students to recover from missing lectures, solve homework, etc… because your friend serves as your backup. Kind of like a RAID-1 array.

In a more generalized sense, marriage should be a RAID array for everything in life, no? Your backup for going against the world. Mathematically speaking, your failure rate is 0.0004%.

But one of the most redundant configurations is RAID-6 which, according to my analogy, means having 4 wives! XD

With Raid 6, the system can tolerate two concurrent disk failures, or in human sense, two people can become ill and things would still be moving along as normal.

But then there’s internal disputes that are unaccounted for… meh, so much for security. :P


12 thoughts on “Marriage = RAID Array?

  1. Ms Loala, buying 4 disks is expensive, let alone having to manage them all :P

    K, LOL! Data irrecoverable! ;_;

    MacaholiQ8, see? It’s not so complicated :]

    Marzouq, thank you, thank you :P

    Don Veto, the first disk that will fail is you! (the man) XD

  2. Well what doesn’t make sense to me is the RAID6, practically if you will count the Disk0-Disk4, then you end up with 5 disks, zero here is for numbering hence Disk0 is not to be neglected, therefore I object to your theory

    الحين و الشرع محلل لهم 4 الحريم المتزوجين و عليا مو خالصين من تهديدات الثانية و الثالثة و الرابعه و انت تبي بعد اتصير خامسه لوول؟

    and if you think of one being the male the other disks being the 4 wives, then that is also not a valid assumption, a male is different than a female “even in computer cables! The old printer ones I forgot the name” however if you refer to it mentally, still they differ ;p except for the fact that male and female are both human, with respect to their humanity they are equal hence the theory you proposed stands on a firm ground..

    way too early for me to think :p

  3. I meant 1 man and 4 wives = 5 disks/humans. And assuming they all work together in harmony (something impossible because people are evil :P) then “theoretically” the family should be highly secured. This shouldn’t involve genders though, like I said at the beginning, it’s about “partners” and “pairs”.

    I just thought of this analogy since they happen to match :P

  4. 3baid, I love your geek way of thinking. But take this from an old married guy who is starting to go bold as well recently, NEVER APPLY LOGIC IN MARRIAGE!

  5. 3baid: It’s not bad, it’s just not logic.

    Think about it. You are living your own life, your own time. No responsibilities, no noise. do what you want to do. Make 600 KD a month, spend 200-300 at most and save the rest. Never care about money.

    But for some reason, you knock a door of someone you don’t know. Saying I want to give you x thousands KD and take this 180 degree opposite human girl to live with me, provide food and shelter, take care of her, she will be keeping an eye on your movement, thinking for some reason she owns you. Then you will have kids from her which will triple your spending, wont give you time for your self or your PS3. All that just to have someone inheriting you someday!

    Is it that bad? Actually, I think my life is pointless without it :). But I just can’t make sense of it. God’s Miracle how we keep multiplying.

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