A Question for Mac Users

Do you use folder/file color labels? If so, how?

I find myself hesitant to use them because I know that at some point in time, I will have to remove them, so I don’t bother at all!

15 thoughts on “A Question for Mac Users

  1. I do sometimes, when i’m working on several files on a folder, labeling ones which i need to work on then unlabel them, or sometimes to refer to videos or articles i havent read in a folder, used as a reminder… :)

  2. Yea I use them all the time! To label the really important folders and categorize them. Sort of ‘flag’ system going on here..

    Why would you have to remove them at some point later on?

  3. I use them to colour label pdf articles I’ve read around a topic and how useful they are. Green’s excellent, red is contradictory, purple is keeping for my own interest, grey is weakly related.

  4. I never tried them really. I still didnt seriously explore the Mac OS I can say. I heavily use the SpotLight, browsing visual files is useful. TextMate for development and thats it :)

    Any useful hints welcome

  5. I do, only for important files.
    Y3nee mathalan if i had a file for jam3a, assignments and stuff ib nis useless files , akhaleeh imlawan so that i can get to it faster

  6. WWWaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when I got my first Apple I did, but that was many computers ago. I’m lucky to get things filed at all, much less worry about what color the folder is!

  7. I rarely do, but I do label in “Together” its an application for storing files and has this same labeling feature.

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