Abdulbasit Quit

According to a close friend of mine: Abdulbasit —the salesman of the age-old, small Markaz Al Kuwaity videogame shop in Hawalli’s Rihab Complex— has quit his job!

Little is known, but it’s been said that there were some disputes between him and the shop owner so he decided to take off and run a store of his own, currently located near Kuwait’s ice skating rink (Shuwaikh?).

Abdulbasit, for those not in the know, was one of the pioneers to take the local videogame market seriously and he’s been selling consoles and games for as long as I can remember. Many of Kuwait’s youth know him since their earliest childhood, lived through the console wars around his time, and have been faithfully entrusting him to get their gaming fix ever since.

Even though more people nowadays rely on online retailers, the likes of Amazon.com, for game-purchasing, it still saddens me to hear that the man responsible for bringing so much joy to the homes of many early Kuwaiti gamers has been pushed aside for—I’m guessing—monetary reasons.


His new store will be open right about the time Metal Gear Solid 4 is released (mid June?) in a new shopping mall that’s being built near the ice skating rink. He also plans to start a (free!) home-delivery service as well as a website if deemed practical.


15 thoughts on “Abdulbasit Quit

  1. Never heard of him although I’m sure I know what he looks like if he’s been there for years. Anyway I hate that when it happens, I wish things stay as they are…

  2. Your kidding me! abdulbasit quitting? I was just there two weeks ago.. I picked up a couple of games.. there is no way he quit..

    can you give us more details of his other store.. he was always a good man to deal with and very reasonable! Been going to him since I was 12 or 14!!

  3. i didn’t see him in the shop for a while

    and what place near the skating rink ?
    from what i remember there is not shops space near it that make you say ” my shop is near skating rink ” :)

  4. one thing I remember about him is that he would never sell games with ‘objectionable’ content to kids (or all customers?). Mass effect for example.

    Personal morals I guess.

  5. Sha5bari 3bdulbase6. I used to get my games from him but then I discovered Mohammed from the other game store. He sold me N64 games waaay cheaper than 3bdulbase6.

    Oh well, good luck with his new store. Probably will check it out if I had the time.

  6. That’s good! running your own shop and handling things your way is much better than being a mere salesperson! Never met him but theres an Indian in game center who has the memory of an elephant mashallah! faithful customers we are!

  7. What the hell. I’m really sad to know this. I’ve known Abdulbaset since I was a child, and we used to call him “the RPG guy” because he used to bring all the not-well-known RPGs to his store. I really have no other reason to visit Al-Rihab mall anymore. Even when I could’ve ordered from Amazon, sometimes I just go and buy from him for the sake of all the good memories in there.

    Damn. I’ll be sure to visit his new shop and support it to the end. Thanks for telling us buddy :(

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  9. the dispute was over his reputation, many believed that his prices were way high-er then the other shops…. the real reason was the owner of the shop..and indeed was not Abdulbasi6

    so the guy picked up his customers and what is left of his reputation and started his own business

    best of luck Abdul

    i personally had an awful experience with the owners..or the beard guy in the store…

    i had asked him for the price of PS3 and why were his prices over the market margin … he replied with crappiest answer ever:

    I’m well known for my fine reputation… all of my PS3s are sealed and original

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