Buy Baskin Robbins in Bulk!

Something funny happened a couple of days ago. I went to grab some ice cream from Baskin Robbins with a friend and I began ordering:

3baid: Can I have a two-scoop cup? I want vanilla and chocolate please. No sauce.

My friend smirks.

3baid: What’s funny?

Friend: Nothing, just pay attention to the price you’re about to pay and watch what I’m about to do.

Man behind the counter: One dinar one hundred, Sir. (1.100 KD)

I paid and stepped aside while my friend steps to the counter.

Friend: Five-scoop cup please!

3baid: Five scoops? Are you sure you’ll eat all that? If two scoops cost me 1 KD, five scoops will come as… 2.750 KD! Or 2.500 KD at best.

Man behind the counter: One dinar five-hundred. (KD 1.500)

3baid: Wow! @_@ That’s 3 more scoops for less than 150 fils each! Or a 55% overall discount.

I took another glance at the prices and soon realized that if I had bought 5 pints, ate only two, saved another two for later, and even tossed away the last one, I would still have saved 700 fils!



22 thoughts on “Buy Baskin Robbins in Bulk!

  1. I but the whole bucket.. for 20 KD you get the whole thing.. what they scoop out of if I remember correctly and that is what I used to do! hahaha

  2. LoL !

    Damn I want Baskin Robins.. el nas maloot el 3sr el 7ajari elli here they don’t like foreign things so the only shocking restaurant they have is Starbucks, and it’s almost deserted lol!

  3. I dont care. I’d still buy the 1-2-2 scoops for the sake of my karsha =P Stupid I know, I must be blond in another lifetime.


    I used to think the same way and used to always get five scoops… end up eating them all…. and going back a couple of days later for more… in the period of four months i gained four KILOS!!

  5. هذولة شفيهم عكس السير لوووووول حدهم مو صاحيين
    بس عاد رفيجك جان قال لك السالفة قبل لا تدفع الله يهداه
    نحيس رفيجك

  6. I asked the guy about this the last time I was at BR .. he told me the single scoops are larger than when you order them in the pint.

    According to his logic: 2 scoops = 3.5 scoops in a pint.

    Either way, I stop by G cafe once a week and pickup a 10scoop pack .. they usually last until the next visit (unless someone finds where I hide it).

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