Your Submissions Are Needed!

The following internet subscriptions statistics have yet to be added to the Kuwait ISPs blog:


  • 256 kbps
  • 512 kbps


  • 1024 kbps

United Networks:

  • 256 kbps (Lite and Unlimited)
  • 1024 kbps (Lite and Unlimited)

If you have access to any of these, or know someone who does, please urge them to contribute. By comparing true ISP performance instead of the marketed jargon, customers like yourself can decide, which ISP is most suitable for their needs. Thank you in advance!


4 thoughts on “Your Submissions Are Needed!

  1. Enigma, the raw speed is from your DSL modem/router. Usually accessible at but depends on your settings. Are you subscribed to the “Lite” account or the unlimited one? We already have the Lite submission, but you could add it nevertheless.

    Marzouq, seems so, but United Networks has good deals for people who don’t use p2p. The other ISPs limit your monthly downloads (Quota) instead.

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