“Where’s Your Computer?”

3baid: Where’s your computer?
Brother: Under the desk.
3baid: Why did you put it under the desk?!
Brother: Because there’s no space anymore.
3baid: And you use it like that?
Brother: Yes. Is it bad for the computer? 

I don’t know what to say to that! XD


33 thoughts on ““Where’s Your Computer?”

  1. skinnybumblebee, I assume he has a lot of school work.

    Sou, yep computers come first!

    ShoSho, he sits on the floor and clicks away.

    Cat, thats why I included a photo.

    suspic, the fridge is for keeping insulin. (He’s diabetic).

  2. OMG! ………LOL my brother took a photo of my desk!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wait a minute…i didn’t say “Is it bad for the computer?” lol

    p.s come to my room again taking photos i’ll kill you!

  3. pyyth4—> Because Iam a diabetic type 1, and (lol) these are not tablets I never knew that tablet were that big to me. These are my medication supply for example: alcohol, test strips…..

    ow ya btw guys my bro he sleeps in the floor i’ll try getting one when he is asleep. I bet there will lots of saliva coming out of his mouth. LOL IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA……

  4. Makeeeeeeeeeeeeeen LOOOOOOL 7araam look at him. He’s trying to study !!!!! lol BE A NICE BROTHER AND GO BUY YOUR BROTHER A BIGGER DESK – YALLAH!!!


    HELLO FRAIH!!! I’m so happy you chose to pop up here.

    You’re the star of this post buddy =) I love your fridge and I love your setting. I think it’s very very creative ;)

    Allah ywafgik enshallah with your studies =)

    ps. once you take the picture of 3baid DO SEND IT TO ME!!!! I’ll take care of the rest =P

  6. hahaha.. man.. I hide all the wires.. if you look behind my desk it is a complete and utter jungle.. nothing short of the amazon forrest.. and there is no way to untangle it..

    good luck studying buddy.. o alah eshafeek min hel sukar!

  7. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,
    I have some important Info to share can I have an email to contact you.
    wa jazakaÁllahukhair

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