48ºC for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

This image is for intlxpatr @ Here There and Everywhere, who is happily enjoying the rain in Seattle.


15 thoughts on “48ºC for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  1. i love the new look, last one was a nie change but verrrrrry messy :D this one is more neat and organized :D

    me likeeeeeeeey

    and about the weather, we will have a looooooong summer and Ramadan will not be as nice as it was @ winter :/

  2. Q80-ChillGirl, thanks and I agree, much neater! :o

    Ansam, I know :/

    Sushi, there’s a program that lets your color folders in Windows, but I don’t recall its name. Colored folders is not built in you have to use an application.

    Noonie, me too.

  3. Vixen, intlxpatr seems to be enjoying it anyway! :o

    intlxpatr, it’ll be “danger, do not become exposed under direct sunlight”. @_@

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