West Bank Story

West Bank Story is a humorous short film that tells the tale of a Muslim Palestinian girl, Fatima, and a Jewish Israeli soldier, David, who fall in love. To their misfortune, both of their families own competing restaurants, Hummus Hut and Kosher King, and fight regularly. This makes it exceptionally difficult for the two to be together.

Undoubtably, the film’s got quite a daring—if not controversial— story line, superb directing, astounding lively musicals, and a talented cast of actors overall. I wasn’t surprised to read that it had won several, “Best Short Film” awards.

You can watch the entire video over at Sou’s Blog. :)

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9 thoughts on “West Bank Story

  1. lol I just watched it. It’s a nice attempt although you feel it’s unbalanced with some subtle ideas (if you know what I mean). I felt “Arranged” was more just to both sides but this still is a nice idea for a broadway musical. Right on.

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