Some like their fish raw, but this is ridiculous

This is just too cruel. Couldn’t they wait a few minutes for the fish to die in one piece before ripping it apart and frying it? I can’t imagine eating anything off of a plate while it still breathes. Besides, if customers really want “fresh”, they can always inspect the fish before it’s prepared, no? :/ 


24 thoughts on “Some like their fish raw, but this is ridiculous

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  2. If you eat meat, you shouldn’t be freaked out when you see something like this. A slaughterhouse is far worse. And fish aren’t even mammals!

  3. Am I the only one who doesn’t sympathize?

    I mean, it’s odd yes but..they’re gonna be food eventually. If you really want to be humane, don’t catch the fish.

    “Oh hi, little Bobby. I’m nice I’m just gonna choke you, I’m not gonna beat you with a baseball bat. =) “.

    “Golly, thanks Mr!”

  4. they are chinese, nothing suprises me they eat cats and dogs and other random stuff. I feel sorry for the poor fish, no one (even animal) deserves to die like that. I’m all for having fresh fish, but as other have said, they could inspect which fish they want by having an aquarium and the customer chooses their fish and then it gets killed with a chop to his head or whatever, not boiled alive and tortured!

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