Al-Yousifi Bazar

Al-Yousifi is holding a Bazar starting June 1st, until October.

They’ll be selling electronics at discounted prices (40%), but without warranty nor delivery.


8 thoughts on “Al-Yousifi Bazar

  1. They probably want to get rid of stock. Who knows, you might find something you wanted but never really needed :P

    Vixen, Ah! I’m caught x_x

  2. i bought some appliances there were well operating

    i trust the brand , and took discount up to 50% and 60%

    there was one device not well operating , they returned my

    money smoothly

    i think , i got a good deal

  3. Yousifi lives up to its standard. No where in the world will you get a musical instrument for 100 Fils only. If you still demand for warranty then you may have to pay the real cost of the item.

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