Which Paper Dump Layout?

My friend has been experimenting with a new content manager designed for image galleries to make it easier and faster for us to upload paper dumps. I’m not entirely convinced to move away from wordpress though, so I need your feedback. Should we stick with the current layout or move to a thumbnail-based pages?

Proposed layout

Current Layout


16 thoughts on “Which Paper Dump Layout?

  1. Nono.. Stick to WordPress..

    its doing the job.. I can understand the problem you have loading the pictures, I have the same problem as well.. it used to be faster in 2.0.. but in 2.5 its slower to add multiple pictures..

    as for the interface I prefer wordpress..

  2. Yeah Paper Dump has been extremely handy since I arrived to Kuwait. Seriously, kudos on the excellent work.

    I’m liking the current, WordPress based layout.

  3. I say get evernote, and start uploading (you can make your notebook public)! The only and best feature about it is that you can search images.. by content, it has excellent OCR!

    Either that, or the thumbnail one seems better, more to view I suppose.

  4. Hmm.. mixed responses..

    N, evernote is something else. I don’t think I could maintain image quality with pictures taken using mobile phones etc.. Not yet anyway.

  5. To tell you how good it is, when I want a phone number, I open up Q8ba7th and do a search for Phones. So often, your site comes up to save me. So the first proposal I would make is UPLOAD MORE!

    Probably a specialized image scanner would make your job easier. One that automatically takes paper and scan into specific directory.

    I like the current design, but if the proposed one is to have the menu images beside each other, then that would be easier to use. As know, I have to browse up and down. WordPress is a great platform, great for SEO, so make sure of that before you move to somewhere else if you must. I would not leave wordpress if I were you unless you have some specific and so good platform in mind that I dont know of.

    Ohh and by the way, since you’re doing all the hard work, why don’t you monetize it. You had Google ads before. Now it’s Amazon widget which without asking I know doesn’t convert very well, probably you still have zero conversions. My guess is Google ads had many in appropriate site ads, but you can work a bit in the beginning to filter those ads, then it becomes so minimal. We can help report them, and I can give you my black list of AdSense site. You know you can use competitive ad filter right?

  6. Yes, part of the advantage of Paper Dump is the phone and website listings.

    Believe me, I have so much to upload but the issue remains that it takes a lot of time. It was intended that people contribute paper dumps as well as have me scan and upload to make the process easier.

    There are scanners that can scan double-sided and faster than the low-end one that I currently have, but they’re not cheap and they won’t tag or categorize, etc.. so it it’ll still require human intervention anyway.

    We won’t switch to the gallery system (ZenPhoto) until I’m satisfied that it contains all the functionality that I had with wordpress first. SEO is a must, obviously.

    As for monetizing, Google has stopped letting us place its ads because it claims that our site content was “harmful” to their advertisers. Amazon doesn’t seem to mind, so we’ll keep their ad until we find something better.

  7. WHAT!!! Care to elaborate how it’s harmful? I believe this is a mistake. You should recontact them. When I’m looking for food, believe me, I won’t think of clicking on MGS 4 banner to shop on Amaozn.

    As for contributions, I was just thinking would a Wiki do the job? But it needs monitoring. Just recently, I chose to invest in high quality laser printer and sacrifice scanning feature. If I do get a decent one, I might be able to help. No promises.

    Maybe you should look for venture capitalist :)

  8. Google wouldn’t elaborate :/

    Amazon ads don’t check the content of the page, but rather the user’s interest based on his historical visits to amazon.com.

    I thought about a Wiki, but it would take more effort to administrate it so I’m sticking to web form submissions for now.

  9. 3baid: Submit any other site, like your blog. And then use the code on any other site. They won’t mind after first site is approved.

    I think once there is a money stream, you can improve it more :)

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