The Firefox Download Day

Mozilla is attempting to set a world record for the most downloaded software in 24 hours on the launch of Firefox 3 and this can only be done with your help. If you’re a fan of Firefox, pledge to download their latest version once it is out by visiting their website. There are already 191 pledges from Kuwait so far. :)

As for the Safari rant, I think Apple really needs to fix their WebKit engine; these high CPU cycles are outrageous and unacceptable by any means. Web browsers are one of the most commonly-used type of software on any platform; visiting a few websites should definitely not cause severe battery drainage!

Safari (3.1.1) using both CPU cores

Update: Reports are saying that Apple is improving JavaScript for its Webkit engine. Meh, we’ll see.


14 thoughts on “The Firefox Download Day

  1. Well that just tells you how much i know about MACs anyway doesn’t it =P

    I’m seriously thinking of getting one at the end of this year.

  2. I dont’ know anyone personally that uses them. I’ll probably check it out in an exhibition or something. Maybe prices in Europe are cheaper.

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