Hi Abdullah,

My youngest brother had asked me to buy him a swimsuit from an online store a few weeks back. When we recieved the package, I found this card with a personal hand-written message:

It’s funny how the letters of my name are not joined as apposed to the rest of the note, hehe. Regardless of that, it had made my day. Thank you Patti and Love2Splash.com for taking your time to personalize your customers’ orders. Other businesses should take heed. :)


31 thoughts on “Hi Abdullah,

  1. Imagine amazon does that LOL They’d hire people just to sign all day, month and year until they die from over-scribbling =P

  2. Such small little things really make a difference. Smart from them.

    I remember going into kids clothes store. Once I stepped with my wife and kid, the lady quickly pumped up a ballon and gave it to my kid. Out of courtesy, I couldn’t just step out of the store even if I wanted to. I browsed a bit, and bought a piece or two that I really liked. for the price of a balloon. How smart?

  3. It seems someone was making sure to write the name right to avoid heated confrontation from a “potential terrorist”, if you know what I mean :P



    Ppl there are smart with CS ideas !

    Mu hny ;/ if u like it u r welcome, if u don’t matshouf shar :@

    Cool w alla ykhaleek 7g u5ok : )

  5. lol I remembered you. In il markaz likuwaiti, someone called and ws asking about Abdulbasit and the Kuwaiti guy was like “no no he’s not with us here anymore …. no … no” and banged the phone down. Boy I didn’t know that guy was this famous. Its months now, isn’t it? And they’re still asking about him!

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